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    Category: Sims 3 Models
    Damien Morris Created: 2013-10-12 Downloads: 2,039 Download

    Damien Morris


    Hair by Newsea - retexture by everlasting garden

    Skintone by simderland

    Contact Eyes by Ronja

    Eyebrown by Ronja

    Clothing - Jeans by Rusty Nail

    HQ image Damien Morris

    HQ image Damien Morris 2

    Alejando Robredo Created: 2013-10-12 Downloads: 1,892 Download

    Alejando Robredo


    Hair by lapizrazuli

    Skintone by simderland

    Contact Eyes by brntwaffles

    HQ image Alejando Robredo

    Jude Hernandez Created: 2013-02-27 Downloads: 3,555 Download

    Jude Hernandez is a very nice boy. Liam is a guy by the look of ice, reserved and able to make any girl fall in love easily. In life is the hacker, and loves solitude.
    Paula Cadway Female Models Created: 2009-10-17 Downloads: 9,583 Download

    She is Paula a personal trainer of one of the most popular gymn of the town.
    Paula also win for three times the contest for professional bodybuilter "Mrs Simolympia"
    To be a woman isn't her prerogative and her strongness and her muscles scary all men of the city
    Could you help Paula to find her true and "strong" love?

    Alika Mali - Female Model Created: 2009-10-17 Downloads: 6,025 Download

    Alika Mali. She's Alika an ex sexy and pretty stripper called "The Black Tiger", of one of the most famous and posh Casinò in Las Vegas. Unfortunately following a big mental disease caused by the broken with her boyfriend and menager she became ugly and fat. After a lot of months of psychoanalysis Alika decided to move from Las Vegas to start a new Life . Can you help her to return sexy and thin?

    Nick - Male Model Created: 2009-10-17 Downloads: 5,305 Download

    A new model by Jintonic-84. This is Nick, a very strange and lunatic sims. He pratically grown up with music, his father was famous Opera composer and the mother is a rinomated Soprano and since he was younger he play guitar and sing his own song. Please help him to found a band and became rich and famous.
    Mode Lynn McKrueger - Female Model Created: 2009-10-17 Downloads: 5,575 Download

    Lynn Mc Krueger
    Lynn is a very pretty girl with a lot of good qualities, she is very good musician and she likes to write poetry and novels, but her dream is to became a famous artist open the most important art gallery of the city. To realize that she need to became very popular she is very shy and she have many difficults to socialize tish others. Would you join Lynn friendship and help her to realize her dream?
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