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Rebecca Set Livingroom Created: 2012-Oct-19 Downloads: 8149 Download

Rebecca Set Livingroom is composed by two meshes, sofa and cofee table. You can see HQ image here: Rebecca1 - Rebecca 2
Columbine Set Livingroom Created: 2011-Apr-11 Downloads: 34357 Download

Columbine Set Livingroom is composed by three mesh, two sofa and painting. Inside the file you'll find four recolor. You can see HQ image here: Columbine 1 - Columbine 2 - Columbine 3 - Columbine 4
Sweetpea set Livingroom Created: 2010-Nov-03 Downloads: 41263 Download

SweetPea Set composed by: Lounge chair (attention, the animation it's not perfect), wall unit, tv, and rug in 3d.
For this set i'm ispired by this set.
You can see the HQ image here SweetPeaHQ
Written on 28/08/2018, 20:09 by Ronja
Hi Again! this is an old request. I'm sorry, it's been a long time, but I want to forgive myself by adding over the conversions from The sims 3 to The sims 4, two other stairs swimming pools. I hope you...
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