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Alpine Cottage Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 17839 Download

Alpine Cottage. 3 rooms, 2 baths, indoor pool. No forniture. Lot size 2x4. Price $34.713. This house required the University, Nightlife and Open for business expansion.
Lake Mansion Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 24918 Download

Lake Mansion. 5 rooms, kitchen, bath, panoramic balconies. No forniture. Lot size 5x4. Price $109.398.
This house required  the University, Nightlife, Open for business expansion, and Family staff pack.
Red Mansion Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 24099 Download

Red Mansion. 5 rooms, kitchen, 2 bath, swimming pool with red mosaic walls, bridge with lake. No forniture. Lot size 3x5. Price $ 86.034.
This house required the University and Nightlife  expansion.
Villa Primula Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 32045 Download

Villa Mansion 7 rooms, kitchen, 2 baths, panoramic balconies, swimming pool. No forniture. Lot size 3x5. Price $ 86.034. This house don't required expansion.

Pool House Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 25688 Download

Sims House with 3 Swimming Pool. All the house is build in real wall rock. No forniture. Lot size 2x3. Price $ 21.453.
It requires all the Expansions up to Season included. For a good vision, you must put this house on the coast, in front of the sea.

The file include Metro Windows Set by Tiggy027 , and floor rock by Ronja

Other Image of the house: Pool House1, Pool House2

Twin Mansion Created: 2010-May-04 Downloads: 30960 Download

Twin Mansion. 4 rooms, 2 kitchen, 2 baths, , bridge on swimming pool. No forniture. Lot size 4x3. Price $ 79.120.
This house required the university, Nightlife, and Open for business expansion.
Written on 03/04/2019, 21:02 by Ronja
Update with a new set table :)Chair and glass table, wood and marble luxury recolor. I hope that you like it! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...
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