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Category: Sims 3 Objects


Bedroom Files: 12

Sims bedrooms for yours Sims dream! All free stuff

Bathroom Files: 6

Toilets, showers, sinks, mirrors and other stuff for your Sims bathroom. 

Windows Files: 12

Windows with various shapes and glasses, to give a different light to your Sims house.

Livingroom Files: 3

Objects for livingrooms ready for Sims 3, paintings, sofas and other accessories to furnish the house.

Outdoor Files: 3

Enjoy the summer and download this beautiful outdoor sets, all free and original by Simenapule.

Diningroom Files: 5

Furnitures for sims 3 diningrooms, give originality to your house with our free stuff

Decoration Files: 42

Various decorations, rugs, curtains and other free downloads for Sims3

Build Files: 4

Fences Files: 1

Objects (singles) Files: 7

No files available yet for this category!

Written on 11/12/2014, 18:15 by admin
Simenapule update with four new beards. You can find these in The Sims 4 downloads/Beards