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Block Glass Floor Pack1 Created: 2009-Oct-26 Downloads: 10491 Download

Some special floors, they're semi-trasparent glass block. Look at the image, you can see the floor downstairs! Four different colors are included in to pack: Transparent, DorateOrange, Green and Blu Block glass Floor.
Pool Wall Floor Pack1 Created: 2009-Oct-26 Downloads: 8227 Download

A moisac tiles floor/wall set for your sims pool! In this pack 4 set mosaic tiles, 17 files.
Floor Trasparent Pack 3 Created: 2009-Oct-26 Downloads: 8610 Download

This pack includes 13 transparent colors: acqua, beige, black, blue, celestial, green, lightrose, orange, pink, red, violette, white, yellow. For your sims house!
Floor Glass Block Pack2 Created: 2009-Oct-26 Downloads: 7789 Download

Another semi-trasparent glass block for your sims house! Four colours included: white/trasparent, green, dorate, celestial.
Old Floor Wall Tiles Pack1 Created: 2009-Oct-26 Downloads: 5747 Download

Old Floor/Wall for your sim house! 10 set colours.
Written on 27/06/2017, 06:51 by Ronja
  Hi! Simenapule update with Natural lip, unisex. You can find these in The sims 4/Masks/Make up.  
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